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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fish n Chips on the Beach

We have ventured down to Inverloch and the first day was great.  It was a stunning 34degrees so we headed straight to the beach for a sunbake and a swim. The boys went straight in and under but it took the girls a good 15 minutes to get their parts used to the cold water. Once everyone was in we had a seaweed fight and Kitty and Dave had a wrestle then decided it was time to get out. By this time we were pretty hungry so went and ordered some fish n chips. Brad and Kitty went in to pick it up while the others waited out the front in the car. Hopped back in the car and as we took off, decided that we wanted to eat it where we were so pulled over again and hopped out. Delicious! It was nice to be sitting on the beach with great company just enjoying the summer sun. The sun was obviously a bit too much for some us though. Little boy George fell asleep on the couch at around 9pm and no matter how much Em tried she just couldn't get him to respond. In the end George was getting cranky at Em's attempts to wake him so Kitty had to remove her and just tuck him in with a blanky. From then on he slept like a baby! 

Brought back an old favourite game tonight by the name of 'Mexican Trains'. Hadn't played it in years and it was certainly a winner for us. As per usual Miriam seemed to pull a win out of her butt even though Kitty had won about 8 rounds in a row...typical!! Em didn't get a win until the very last round but she was already beyond help at this point.

When bed time finally came around, we had Em, George and Brad in their own rooms and as per usual on our trips Kitty and Po had to share the double. They just do it automatically now. I think they secretly love it!

"There they are standing in a row"


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