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Saturday, November 04, 2006

What's Your Role?

This trip is a real team effort and so we thought we'd share with you our designated roles pre and post Fiji, and of course, whilst we are there.

Firstly, Dave or DG. Dave is our travel guide and our organiser. He's the person to talk to if you want to know, down to the minute, what we'll be doing on our trip. Picture this, Dave with his trusty bumbag (complete with travel emergency kit), our passports strapped to his body, holding a map of Fiji. Who needs a travel guide when we have Dave?

Delightful Em is in charge of our diet and training regime. We predict that we will be packing on the kilos, therefore we need to have lost some to prepare for such physical changes! Em is adament that we start after our exams as we can't go without chocolate during our exams. Stressed out Em without chocolate is not a pretty sight... Em is also official photographer for our travels!

Kitty is our personal music co-ordinator! She is preparing the soundtrack for our trip. There is time to be passed during our flights, stopovers and transfers. What better way than to bop away to some groovy tunes! We'll post our soundtrack in the near future. In the meantime, we'll graciously recieve any suggestions.

Finally, someone needs to make sure that you are all updated regularly. That's our Blog Master, Po! She'll also be our conference liason, making sure that we don't decide to wander off when we should be at sessions or rallies...

"Some as big as your head!"



Blogger Emma said...

okay i just want to get this out there before its too late and everyone starts pointing out the weakest link...I don't think that I am up to my the challange of my assigned task!!!

Not the photos bit, i got that down pat, but lets just say that even though I may spend a large propotion of my time studing healthy eating/lifestyle, i am not exactly what you would call a good example,

So I guess i just want to say sorry right now, for letting the team down, but what can you do?

Sun Nov 05, 05:11:00 PM

Anonymous Dave said...

Miram can i borrow YOUR asian-style bumbag?

Sun Nov 05, 08:06:00 PM

Anonymous Miriam said...


Firstly Em, I think that you're more than qualified to get us fired up and looking hot in our bikinis.

And DG, I personally don't have an asian-style bumbag. However, I shall consult Kung Pho Sam. I'm sure he'll be able to deliver!

Sun Nov 05, 09:01:00 PM

Anonymous Dave said...

Miriam, isn't that bag being left to you as inheritance?

Phoebe gets your car with free petrol.

Naomi gets the rice cooker

Hannah gets to take over the officership of the Chinese Corps of Box Hill.

And you get the Bumbag and Quickshot camera to go in it, and the family birth right to make the peace sign in every photo.

Mon Nov 06, 10:06:00 AM

Blogger Emma said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and thats why we're compatible! ha ha ha ha ha

Mon Nov 06, 03:19:00 PM

Anonymous Dave said...

Em, i'm glad you found thats so funny, i tought it was amussing but obviously not as funny as you

Mon Nov 06, 06:46:00 PM


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