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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Double Blow

Well, this week (well maybe just a little over a week) DEBMCK has been delt not just one horrible blow, but two!

It all started when Callum told us that he was going home to scotland at Christmas, which meant that he wouldn't be coming to Fiji, turning DEBMCK into DEBMK and starting a new double bed dilemma, it that now just one person gets it.

Anyway, once we had come to terms with the fact that Cal wasn't coming, we were again hit when he told us on Sunday that he would be leaving a little sooner and was actually going home on Tuesday (yesterday) and not on Christmas eve.

But yesterday came the biggest blow of them all. The Kaivata: Tri-Territorial Youth Conference has been cancelled due to the growing unrest in Fiji. So therefore so has our trip. But, don't worry this is not the end of Coconut Boobies, even though we aren't going to Fiji anymore, we will go somewhere? So if you have any suggestions please post them. Coconut Boobies will go on.

"Some as big as your head!"



Blogger fee said...

i have a suggestion for you all....see emma's blog.
it may have something to do with canada.
love you guys.

Sat Dec 02, 08:30:00 AM


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