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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Good News & Bad News

We have Good News and we have Bad News...

The Good News, or rather GREAT news is that we have purchased our plane tickets and we've put a deposit on our accomodation! We went in to visit our esteemed travel agent Claire (shout out to Claire), who worked her magic and so we will be departing Sunday 14th January at 7:45am! Kitty wasn't so impressed with the departure time nor the fact that we have to check-in two hours prior to take off...

Now, the Bad News is that the Australian government has issued travel warnings due to mounting conflict between the Fijian government and the Fijian military. We're hoping and praying that this will all be settled by the time we jump on a plane. At the moment, the Salvos haven't cancelled the conference, so all is kosher!

The timing is just perfect though isn't it? We buy our tickets and the next day people are getting evacuated from Fiji. Em thinks it's her fault cause she's a bit of a jinx. When Em went to China in Year 9, it was a month after 9/11, then when her younger brother was going to China it was during the SARS epidemic and so his trip was significantly delayed and shortened. Then last year before Em's family travelled, planes seemed to be dropping out of the air at warped speeds... We don't see a recurring pattern here, do you?

"There they are standing in a row"


Blogger Nath said...

Inspiring name people! This will ensure you get all sorts of deviants from the web surfing your site! Bravo! :)

Thu Nov 02, 12:35:00 AM

Anonymous Dave said...

We are hopeing to reach out to the wider community, the longer we distract them with our site, the more likely they are to turn from their deviant ways.

Thu Nov 02, 09:57:00 AM

Blogger Brad Freind said...

I must say, I like your use of coloured writing in your posts. I might have to try that.

Thu Nov 02, 10:35:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Little birdy says that a certain young man from Doreen is joining this trip...? Deny or confirm?

Fri Nov 03, 12:05:00 PM

Blogger fee said...

now i know who you guys are...
nice name.

Sat Nov 04, 06:19:00 AM


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